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giffgaff is a Pay As You Go (PAYG) mobile network,

different to your typical run of the mill phone companies. We offer great value because our members get involved and are rewarded for their efforts.

giffgaff operates via the O2 network and is owned by the same parent company, Telefonica O2.

giffgaff is different from other providers (including O2) in that it offers a contract-free service with contract benefits; free minutes, unlimited texts and upto 3GB mobile internet data allowances.

£5 Free Credit

Posted by giffgaffsims 24 Sept, 2014 16:22:14

New Improved goody bags!

As from today giffgaff have launched two new type of goodybag. The £15 that gives you a massive 500 cross network minutes with Unlimited texts & Data allowance.

The new £18 goodybag replaces the £20 goodybag but still gives you the same great deal of 2000 minutes, Unlimited text messaging and Unlimited data allowance.

We believe giffgaff is still the cheapest pay as you go mobile phone network in the UK.

Posted by giffgaffsims 16 Jan, 2014 15:47:55

4G Is Coming To giffgaffsims!

Mega-fast email, browsing and downloading is coming to the mobile network run by you. But before you start surfing the web and sharing your photos at lighting speed, you will need the gear to make it all happen.

Should I be excited?

Totally. Launching in the first half of 2014, 4G will change the way you use your phone with our fastest download and upload speeds ever. 4G speeds will vary depending on demand and location, but we are expecting to offer 5x faster downloads compared to 3G. That means less buffering on YouTube, more gaming on the go and faster access to music next time you want to boogie.

Christmas Sims

Posted by giffgaffsims 02 Dec, 2013 19:24:21

Can you believe we are into December already?. Time is going so fast!

If you are planning on ordering a FREE sim card for yourself or as a gift please don’t forget the Christmas rush and postal times.

Don’t forget as soon as you register your new sim card you will receive £5.00 FREE credit placed onto your account. What a great offer from giffgaff.

£10 goodybag Minutes Extended

Posted by giffgaffsims 27 Nov, 2013 19:56:32

More super cool news from giffgaff!

giffgaff have announced that they are to extend their offer promotion on the £10 goodybag of 500 minutes through to 31st March 2014. Normally the £10 goodybag contains 250 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data.

This comes as great news as giffgaff were going to end this promotion this month.

We think another great reason to be part of this great network.

If you are still not a member of giffgaff joining is simple, just click here.

More Minutes from giffgaff

Posted by giffgaffsims 27 Nov, 2013 19:07:47

Great News!!!!!

On the 4th December 2013, giffgaff are increasing their £15 and £20 goody bags.

Whoa Yep from the 4th December a £15 goodybag will now have 500 minutes that's 100 minutes more!.

The £20 goodybag will now have a whopping 2000 minutes thats a massive increase of 800 minutes!.

If your not already with giffgaff, then joining is easy. Simply click here to get your FREE sim card today.

Get a free giffgaff Sim

500 UK minutes*

Unlimited UK texts

1 GB internet

2000 UK  minutes

Unlimited UK texts

Unlimited internet

500 UK  minutes

Unlimited UK texts

Unlimited internet

250 UK minutes

Unlimited UK texts

Unlimited internet

200 UK minutes

Unlimited UK texts

250 MB internet

60 UK minutes

300 UK texts

Extra minutes

20 MB internet

£7.50 goodybag
£5 Hokey Cokey
£10.00 goodybag
£12.00 goodybag
£15.00 goodybag
£20.00 goodybag
£5.00 gigabag

500MB mobile Internet

£7.50 gigabag

1 GB mobile Internet

£12.50 gigabag

3 GB mobile Internet

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